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Home Alarm Guide

You cannot take home safety lightly. Burglaries have become a common affair. Every year, hundreds of thousands of American homes are broken into and valuables are stolen. Don’t become a part of that tragic statistic. You can ensure home safety by installing alarm systems. Home alarm systems have seen a surge in popularity and offer protection against burglaries. How an Alarm System Works? A home alarm system works on a simple principle. It detects intrusion and alerts the home owners by ringing bells or sirens. There are many ways a home alarm system can detect intruders. Conventional alarms sound off whenever someone enters within their periphery. These are usually installed on the main entrance. You will be alerted when someone breaches the periphery and breaks an entry. More sophisticated alarm systems rely on infrared technology to create a grid around your house. They protect not only the main door but also side doors, windows and other areas of entry. These motion detector alarms start ringing whenever someone tries to enter the house. You can also get alarm systems that come equipped with close circuited television cameras. These can be installed at strategic places to record every movement. You can later use the tapes to get to the culprits. Which one is Right for me? Given the variety, you may feel confused about installing an alarm system in your house. You can narrow down on the right match by focusing on a few things. First is the nature of threat in your area. Does your area see many burglaries in a year? If yes then you will need a more sophisticated alarm system. If there are fewer break-ins, then you can install a simple single-door alarm system. It is, however, recommended that you choose a high-tech system so as to ensure safety for many years to come. Features of a Home Alarm System A good home alarm system will come with these features. Control Panel: This is the main interface of the alarm system. It houses all the wiring and backup battery. Keypad: This pad is used to arm and disarm the alarm system. Siren: The loud and nagging sound is emanated by the siren whenever an intrusion is detected. Motion Detectors: These are the main organs of an alarm system. You can deploy them at all points of entry such as main and side entrance. They will sound the siren whenever someone breaks an entry. Window detectors: You can also deploy window detectors if someone tries to enter your house through a window. Central Monitoring Unit: Data from your home alarm system can be electronically transmitted to an external monitoring station. This comes at additional charges but helps in getting help quickly. External monitoring is connected with the police and emergency response teams. CCTV panel: Some alarm systems come with CCTV cameras. There is a separate panel to control and view the footage. You can avoid burglaries and other untoward incidents by installing a home alarm system in your house. Just be mindful of selecting the right type with the right price tag.

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